The Mannequin Millionares

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The main purpose of this article is to provide a not-too-spammy opportunity to add a backlink to a dropshipping e-commerce website I built with my mate Rafa (to help boost its SEO).

The site itself is pretty niche; it allows Australian customers to buy mannequins online. There are all types of mannequins; male, female and child – for display purposes and dressmaking. Me and Rafa dream about living in Koh Tao as digital nomads and making passive income from dropshipping sites and other projects. When we achieve this we will call ourselves The Mannequin Millionaires and maybe write a book about it or something.

We first built the site about three years ago and it’s taken quite a long time for it to rank on the first page for any keywords that have even moderate levels of competition. Right now, the main keywords that drive traffic are variants of ‘mannequins Australia’ and ‘mannequin shop’ (I think the exact-match domain helps somewhat with the latter).

We’ve recently had a flurry of orders come through which has reignited my excitement for the project and led me spend some time tweaking titles and meta descriptions and thinking about how we can get a few more links (hence this article).

I’ll come back and add some more details to this article once the changes have had some time to take effect. I’ll also write an article about our other website where you can buy acoustic foam in Australia some time too.



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