Experimenting with Dropshipping

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Note the article below was written with the help of AI. Its purpose is mainly to provide a relatively decent page of content in which I can add a link to the website being discussed. 

In the vast realm of e-commerce, dropshipping has emerged as a popular business model that offers flexibility and low startup costs. Today, we’ll dive into the world of dropshipping and explore the exciting journey of a website called AcousticFoamShop.com.au. As a digital entrepreneur, I’ve had the pleasure of providing my friend with some SEO guidance for his website, which specialises in selling acoustic foam panels in Australia. Let’s explore the challenges faced and the strategies employed to achieve success.

About Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model where online retailers don’t need to carry inventory or handle the logistics of shipping products. Instead, they collaborate with suppliers who directly ship the products to the customers’ doorsteps. This allows entrepreneurs to focus on marketing, customer service, and growing their brand.

Introducing AcousticFoamShop.com.au

To get a better understanding of AcousticFoamShop.com.au, I encourage you to visit the website yourself. AcousticFoamShop.com.au offers a wide range of acoustic foam products designed to enhance sound quality in various settings. Whether you’re a musician, audio engineer, or simply seeking to improve the acoustics of your space, this website offers premium acoustic foam solutions.

How I Helped with SEO

Recognising the potential of AcousticFoamShop.com.au, I volunteered to provide my friend with some SEO assistance. Together, we worked on structuring the website effectively, focusing on internal linking, and optimising the content. By implementing these strategies, we aimed to improve the website’s visibility in search engine results and attract organic traffic.

The Journey to Organic Visibility

Despite the efforts put into optimising the website, it’s important to understand that new websites often face challenges in gaining traction. According to data from Search Console, AcousticFoamShop.com.au has been receiving a modest number of clicks, averaging around one or two per day. However, this is a common scenario for new websites. It often takes time, sometimes months or even years, for a new website to climb the search rankings, especially with limited backlinks.

The Role of Google AdWords

Recognising the need for immediate traffic, we turned to Google Ads as a means to drive visitors to the website. While it took some time and experimentation, the campaigns have become profitable. My friend now pays for the cost of the ad, as well as the goods themselves, on a credit card that offers Qantas points as a reward – so although they might not be making a lot of profit, they are getting lots of points for flights!


The journey of AcousticFoamShop.com.au highlights the challenges and triumphs faced by new dropshipping websites. By providing SEO assistance, focusing on website structure, internal linking, and content optimization, we laid a strong foundation for long-term success. Although organic traffic is still growing gradually, the integration of profitable Google Ads has provided a boost to the business. As AcousticFoamShop.com.au continues to evolve, the sky’s the limit for this promising dropshipping venture.

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